Thank you for attending a recent every origin Conscious Christmas workshop!

Please find our FACTSHEET below:

Here are some instructions on what we covered & some other conscious Christmas crafts you can try out.


If you have any questions, ideas or want to share some of your creations, we’d love to see them! You can email us at contactus@everyorigin.com & if you’re on social you can tag us @everyorigin

Up-cycled Decorations

You will need: magazines, newspaper or coloured scrap paper, old Christmas cards, scissors, craft knife, ruler, paint brush, pens: Biro & Sharpie, glue, tape, thread, tin can ring pull lids, red & green paint, watered down

Splatter Bunting:

Splatter the thin paint onto newspapers or magazines. Leave to dry completely before cutting. Cut shapes & letters with a craft knife. Attach to thread with tape to hang.


Tin Can Baubles:

Flatten the ring pull lids completely, draw a snowflake shape on them with a Sharpie pen. You might want to search online for some snowflake images to help you. Hang from the tree directly.


Cereal Cone Tinsel:

Cut circles from painted cereal boxes or old Christmas cards, Cut a line to the centre and curl to form a cone. Affix with glue or staple-free stapler. Snip each cone tip and thread on a piece of wool.


Magazine Snowflakes:

Cut 6 squares from magazines or scrap paper. Fold each square into a triangle twice over. Draw a line from the centre tip to the open edge of the triangle, see video. Measure out 5 points, evenly along the line, draw lines extending from the 5 points parallel to the open edge, to the closed folded edge and 1cm from the open folded edge.

Cut along the lines & flatten out the square. Curl the free corners of the square & affix them together with glue from the centre outwards, alternating from one side of the square to the other to create a teardrop as shown in the photos. Affix 6 teardrops together with glue to form a snowflake. Leave to dry to fully strengthen then hang with thread.


See video demo

Reusable Crackers:

You will need: material 2 x ~A5 (check they wrap around your tubes), scissors, an overlocker or sewing machine (or if the fabric doesn’t fray easily, pinking shears will do,) 2 cardboard tubes (like 2 toilet rolls, 1 that fits easily inside the other), twine, paper for jokes / message, pencil, cracker snaps, prize like nuts or sweets, leaf or other to decorate.


Sew the edges of your material to neaten. Wrap each tube in material, tucking one end in neatly and leaving 1.5 inches at the other end to form the cracker pull. Secure loosely with twine. Write your joke or message, pop inside the smaller roll with the prize, feed inside the larger tube, then feed the cracker snap through both. Tie the twine tightly at both ends. Decorate by tying a leaf or other around the outside.


See video demo

Recycled Pop-Up Cards:

You will need: Recycled card blanks, recycled paper, pen, ruler, glue, craft knife, scissors.


Fold & cut the recycled paper using the pictures as a guide. Use the pen & ruler as needed to mark out evenly spaced lines within a triangle tree shape on the rear of the paper. Cut the line and alternate folds to form the tree. Decorate using the craft knife or magazine cuttings. Glue the paper to the card blank.




Other Festive Ideas!


A beer bottle tree from bottles & cut cardboard. Stack ‘em high!


Snowman lantern using a milk bottle, decorations & a head torch or bike light.


Sky at night lantern using a glass jar wrapped in tissue paper & black paper cut with a craft knife.


Cereal packet decorations. Once you paint them you can cut out many shapes to make individual decorations or bunting.




We truly would love to hear from you again - You can email us at contactus@everyorigin.com & if you’re on social you can tag us @everyorigin




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