why we love... cork and we think you should too

There’s a myth going round that the world’s cork supply is running out... it might have been had we continued to bottle wine with it but with the move to synthetic closures there is a big risk of cork oak forest deforestation + loss of critical habitat for endangered species.

The cork producing regions are in the Western Mediterranean, the majority in the Alentejo region of Portugal where the Quercus suber (Cork Oak) has been protected since the 13th century. The tree lives for over 200 years without being cut down, with first bark harvest at 25 and ongoing harvest ever 9 years. According to WWF, the risk is real to the Iberian lynx, Barbary deer + Imperial Iberian Eagle.

‘A whole landscape, which has environmental as well as economic importance for the Western Mediterranean is at risk. We need to take action now so we don’t lose this unique landscape forever’ Nora Berrahmouni, co-ordinator of WWF Cork Oak Landscapes Programme.

Cork is hydrophobic which makes a great material for table mats + coasters. It has a natural texture + colour that remind you of its origins.

every origin supports the cork industry. Find our cork gifts in our conscious shop.

Cork images by LIGA.

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