Week 6: Getting Creative #PLASTICFAST

This week I'm feeling a lot more confident in getting creative with plastic-free alternatives. There is no right or wrong answer and having the courage to try something new is the first step! This week's hair treatment experiments were fun and I'm starting to realise how many products I really don't need. I've also heard from many with their own experiences to share. I used to turn my nose up at homemade remedies either because they were too difficult / too many ingredients or edging on eco-warrior. Now I realise that they can be a lot easier than we think. There are some natural remedy sites with great tips to browse to enable anyone to try one. I found Naturally Living Ideas particularly good. Send me a message about anything you try -

So, this week we had:

DAY 36: Eco Dish Wash

DAY 37: Party Bags

DAY 38: Hair Treatments

DAY 39: Chewing Gum

DAY 40: Bio Packing Protection

#PLASTICFAST 40 Days are finished!

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: And the winner is.... Bio Packing Protection. Why? Because polystyrene is not only going to last a very long time in the environment as it isn't biodegradable, it's manufacturing process pollutes the environment with chemicals that can be harmful to health. It's also made from petroleum which is a non-renewable resource. With the huge increase in online shopping, eco-flo pellets and other biodegradable packing options are essential to reduce the impact on our planet. It is also really worth considering shopping less or shopping local if you're able to. Here are a few tips to get you thinking:

- Going Zero Waste

- Zero Waste Home

- Mashable - How to start a zero waste lifestyle


- The journey to zero waste facebook group and in fact many others are sharing really innovative ways to get creative with children's play and party treats, search in the group here.

- Store cupboard staples like coconut oil and perhaps a less common one- arrowroot, can be used as an alternative to various hair and body treatments. I've been appreciating Natural Living Ideas and all their different articles about the many uses.... check out the coconut oil for hair one here!

- Plastic is unfortunately found in most chewing gums. Try sugar free mints instead...

This is the end of our 40 day plastic-free review series for lent 2019. I hope you've enjoyed reading about the #PLASTICFAST journey of discovery and that it has opened up some ideas for you and your routine.

Watch out for our FREE FACT SHEET covering the entire journey - it will be available for download on Easter Sunday!

So where can you buy the products we're showing?

You can:

- Google for a zero-waste shop near you or an ONLINE zero waste shop

- sometimes you can get a % discount on your first order or free postage.

- Check out our LINKS page.

- Shop directly at the maker / manufacturers sites of the brands you like.

If you want to check out each day's posts, visit or

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Please send us any questions and we'll be happy to answer or research for you!

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Author: Libby Brewster - every origin Founder & Creative Director

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