Week 5: The Community Just Got Bigger #PLASTICFAST

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

I joined "Journey to Zero-Waste in the UK" Facebook group this week. Woweeee. What a community. And a fast response to all zero waste questions. With almost 29,000 members it is the most helpful zero-waste / plastic-free resource I've come across so far. Ask any question you like and within half an hour or so minutes depending on the time of day the members will start advising. If you've got concerns about plastic-free switches, zero waste things not going as well as you'd hoped, you haven't been able to find something, then this group knows its stuff. And it feels good that there's a tribe going along with you. Don't be intimidated by those posting who are true zero-waste but pick up what you need to make the adjustments you are ready to make. You can join the community here.

So, this week we had:

DAY 29: Natural Bath Time

DAY 30: Easter Eggs

DAY 31: Bulk Refill Cleaning

DAY 32: Compostable Take-Away

DAY 33: Reusable Straws

DAY 34: Sustainable Clothing

DAY 35: Perfume Refill

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: And the winner is.... Sustainable Clothing! Why? Because 64% of all new fabrics made in the world contain plastic and our oceans are struggling to cope. It took a while for me to get my head around but basically, those tiny plastic particles that arise from producing & washing clothes (fleeces being the worst) are getting through waste treatment systems (because they're so tiny) and getting into our waterways. All sea creatures / seafood we eat is exposed to this and the plastic then ends up in our own bodies. Check out our Day 34 post on instagram or facebook to find out different things on how to wash clothes you currently have that contain plastic and buy clothes that are more sustainable. Friends of the Earth also have a great page dedicated to this.


- Loofahs (Luffa) are made of a cucumber like vegetable. Check out how to grow them here!

- SESI have an amazing refill system for bulk and zero-waste shops showing these products really are a lot less wasteful than their bottles counterparts. Read their story here.

- Compostable single-use is not as good an option as we think, read Day 32 for more info.

- Thierry Mugler perfume refill stations can be found at local Boots and The Perfume Shops around the country. Check for your nearest location.

So where can you buy the products we're showing?

You can:

- Google for a zero-waste shop near you or an ONLINE zero waste shop - sometimes you can get a % discount on your first order or free postage.

- Check out our LINKS page.

- Shop directly at the maker / manufacturers sites of the brands you like.

If you want to check out each day's posts, visit or

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Please send us any questions and we'll be happy to answer or research for you.

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