Week 4: The Big Zero Waste Community #PLASTICFAST

We're a little bit like Tetra fish. There are more species of Tetra than you can count, all different shapes, sizes & colours. Some of the Tetra like to flash their neon stripes others are less bright. Tetras live in schools and may get stressed if they are alone but they only really come together in a tight pack when there is a threat. This week I've heard from more people and their plastic-free journeys as they try to do a little bit more here and there to help against the threat posed by plastic. People are acting on what they've learned or planning on making a switch once they've finished what they have. The school is big and no matter how small the change, everyone is in this bright community together.

It was so great to visit the Forest Recycling Project paint shop this week to find that they are not only working to re-distribute unused paint but on several community recycling projects from toys to fabric to paper and more. It really is worth checking within your community for reuse & recycling schemes. You can do this by google-ing, speaking to small business owners, community centres, shop owners, checking on notice boards, on gumtree, freecycle, newspapers, phoning your council and many more. The more we talk, the more we will help keep the community alive and take more steps towards protecting our planet.

Here are some zero-waste community links:

So, this week we had: DAY 22: Paper Tape

DAY 23: Safety Razor

DAY 24: Paint & Paint Cans

DAY 25: Hair Ties

DAY 26: Conscious Gifts

DAY 27: Solid Shampoo & Conditioner

DAY 28: Natural Fibre Brushes

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: And the winner is.... Solid Shampoo & Conditioner! Why? Because this swap spreads far and wide. This $25 Billion global market is a colossal plastic creator and polluter and if we can make a dent into it by trying solid versions, we can save a hell of a lot of natural resources. Check out our Day 27 post on instagram or facebook for more info.


- The safety razor really is safe and something we (all genders) shouldn't be scared of using for all shaving tasks. Check out this video by Living Unjaded which explains how.

- You can buy paint for as little as £1/L if you can find a paint recycling facility. Check out Community Repaint for somewhere near you.

- Plastic paint cans are not in the most part being recycled, metal is best.

- Hair ties are definitely not disposable and the synthetic ones can stay hanging around for 500 years!

So where can you buy the products we're showing?

You can:

- Google for a zero-waste shop near you or an ONLINE zero waste shop - sometimes you can get a % discount on your first order or free postage.

- Check out our LINKS page.

- Shop directly at the maker / manufacturers sites of the brands you like.

If you want to check out each day's posts, visit or

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Please send us any questions and we'll be happy to answer or research for you.

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