Week 2: Step By Step #PLASTICFAST

Despite having my eyes opened to the plastic mountain we need to climb, realising that if we just do a little bit at our own pace, we will eventually get there. This week I've had so much amazing feedback from people inspired by #plasticfast, trying out different things to try to reduce their waste. Thank you and I'm excited we're on this learning journey together! It's not about being perfect, its about trying and being more informed. So, this week we had:

DAY 8: Wound Dressing

DAY 9: Zero Waste Shopping

DAY 10: Receipt-Free

DAY 11: Tea Time

DAY 12: Plantable Cards

DAY 13: Chemical-Free Baking

DAY 14: Laundry

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: And the winner is.... Zero Waste Shopping! Why? Because its not just one product we're saving waste on - by taking your own containers shopping with you, the impact is huge. We can recycle and its great when we get it right, but by reusing again and again, we don't need to exhaust the energy shipping waste, recycling and remaking those containers. To find your nearest zero-waste shop, check out our LINKS page or have a google...


- Store cupboard staples like flour and coconut oil can help when treating wounds.

- Receipts and Baking parchment can contain plastic and are not recyclable.

- Black plastic is also not being recycled from our household recycling collections in the UK because it can't be recognised by the scanners used in the mixed recycling process.

- Some big brand tea bags contain plastic and shouldn't be composted.

- Seed bombs are great way to educate people about the environment AND help the bees. Find out how to make them here:

- Natural cleaners, soap nuts, can be used for so many cleaning tasks! Here's a video showing some of the uses:

- Our research on sensitive toothpaste, a question from a follower, suggested people try Lush toothy tabs, testimonial:

Here's some instagram handles that have been inspiring us this week (not sponsored in any way):





@andkeepshopping -

@ecogreenrevolution_ -

@fullcircleshopuk -

So where can you buy the products we're showing? You can:

- Google for a zero-waste shop near you or an ONLINE zero waste shop, above are some examples

- Check out our LINKS page

- Shop directly at the maker / manufacturers sites of the brands you like

So if you want to check out each day's posts, visit: or

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Please send us any questions and we'll be happy to answer or research for you.

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