Week 1: A New Perspective #PLASTICFAST

Wow, what a week. I consider myself a conscious consumer but committing to #plasticfast has taken my perspective to a whole new level. My eyes have truly been opened. What a mountain of plastic we need to climb. But its not worth getting overwhelmed by. The best thing we can do is consider our options and make individual informed choices. So, this week we had:

DAY 1: Natural soap

DAY 2: Natural toothpaste

DAY 3: Homemade kitchen cleaner

DAY 4: Reusable cup

DAY 5: Plastic free recycled toilet roll

DAY 6: Wax wraps

DAY 7: Natural deodorant

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: And the winner is.... Homemade kitchen cleaner! Why? Because the ingredients are already in the cupboard and you can use variations depending on what you have in, baking soda, vinegar or lemon alone will do their own fantastic job, put them all together and you have a powerful cleaner, and its natural!


- Natural soap can reduce the amount of additional products I need

- You can buy recycled toilet roll made from our kerbside recycling, circling right back to be used again

- Roll-on deodorant containers are difficult to recycle and deodorant can contain aluminium

- Terracycle have local drop off points for all sorts of 'un-recyclable' waste across the country

- I had a lovely conversation with Suma who produce ecoleaf, the recycled toilet roll which is wrapped in biodegradable bioplast. They informed me their bioplast wrap is cellulose based and its best to check with your council if they can accept this in their food bin recycling stream. It breaks down really quickly in a heated industrial recycling process. You can compost with it at home but it takes a bit longer (and temperature is a factor) but if you separate your compost into 2 (1 being slower, woody, pruning materials) then its best to put ecoleaf with the slow composting group as it takes about 1 year to break down fully. If you're an experienced gardener, use your judgement and you can pop it in earlier as it will break down eventually. They are also looking into even more sustainable options.

In the case of the kitchen cleaner, I've also realised that advertising is extremely powerful and companies are very good at convincing us we need stuff. I looked at children's toy adverts and felt angry because kids were being brainwashed into wanting the toys but adults are just as hooked!

Its been great to read everyone's comments on our instagram and facebook feeds and meeting people in person who said they've been inspired to try something. We hope that people have been informed this week and understand that sometimes we can't make the change for whatever reason. You shouldn't feel guilty if its what you need to do, companies also need to do their bit to make it easier for us and hopefully things will start to change from their side too.

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Please send us any questions and we'll be happy to answer or research for you.

We're currently looking at sensitive toothpaste after a query and will add this to the next blog.

We've also added LINKS on the website to stockists we like, feel free to check these out too!

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