To improve the well-being of people + planet with:

mental health awareness + responsible consumption.

Creating products + workshops to help people connect & pause.


every origin was founded on a search for purpose, to understand how to live more consciously whilst looking after each other and our planet


Using the circular economy principle to transform used materials into gifts.


Minimising all waste whenever possible in production, packaging and events.


Identifying sustainable sources of materials + products to compliment our re-purposed range.

We aim to protect our natural resources

+ offer creative workshops with three guiding principles:

We design our products + workshops around proven ways to take care of your well-being. These are called 'the 5 ways to well-being' which we developed from research conducted by the New Economics Foundation + are used by the likes of Mind + other well-being organisations.

5 ways to well-being


As we grow, we're looking to measure our business impact on people and the planet. We've chosen to align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to help guide us on this journey.

But what exactly are the SDGs?

Watch this short film to find out...

We believe the following SDGs best align with our business:

E_INVERTED SDG goals_icons-individual-RG

Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

Things we're doing:

  • Align all existing and new products to the five ways to well-being (Foresight Report) and raise awareness by communicating the benefits to both customers and consumers.

  • Provide communication and links to professional wellness and well-being resources and promote through all community communication channels.

  • Encouraging positivity and encouraging our community through all communications, promoting a positive, safe space to voice opinions and ideas.

E_INVERTED SDG goals_icons-individual-RG

Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Things we're doing:

  • Engaging a community of over 1000 individuals in how they can make small changes to reduce their waste generation and live a more conscious life through our 'origin swap' campaign.

  • Utilising natural, recyclable and reusable materials for all products sourced and produced.

  • Providing origin information of all products.

  • Utilising green energy in our workshop.



Hi, I'm Libby, the founder of every origin.



After training as a product designer, I spent ten years working in factories producing everything from medical devices to chocolate sauce. I loved being part of a talented and hard working team, creating products that bring a little joy into people's lives.


After giving it my all, I realised that it wasn't providing me or the planet the care we needed.

Re-discovering my own passion for creating and worried about our environmental impact, I decided to start every origin.

It's been a journey of discovery so far and has opened up an amazing local community in the heart of East London.