join the refill revolution

Got containers? We refill. Whether you bought a candle from us, from someone else or have a suitable jar or container we'll create you a brand new candle.

We're currently refilling through Re:Store in Hackney.

Contact us if you're interested in using this service elsewhere.



1. Bring in a suitable clean container

Heat resistant + non-porous e.g. glass or glazed ceramic.

An old candle container is ideal. To remove any remaining wax, fill with boiling water + leave for 24hrs, it should then pop out.


2. Weigh your container

+ write the weight on it.



3. Choose your candle

Connect / Move / Pause. Why not gift it + spread some refill joy? We can wrap + tag it for you.



4. Fill your container

with pearl barley. This will help us calculate the soy wax required to create your candle.


5. Take to the counter to pay

We’ll weigh it + record the weight + receipt # on it.



6. Empty your container + place into the suitcase.

We’ll aim to have your candle ready for collection from RE:STORE in 7 days. Remember your receipt.


Forgot your container?

See what glass jars RE:STORE has in stock




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